Custom Cabinet Shop - "The Roots from Which We Grew"
Many of our projects are too unique, too complex
or just too custom to be produced by an outside
source.  Be it exotic wood veneer finishes, unusual
shapes or special use cabinetry that needs to be
built around a certain piece of hardware, we thrive
on the challenge.  We have taken jobs when the
hardware wasn't available - we made that ourselves.
Throughout the years we have built home
entertainment cabinetry and furniture of all shapes,
sizes and finishes.  We have built and refurbished
cabinetry for many private aircraft.  Local industry
has called on Custom Craft to build prototypes for
high end speaker cabinets, control console cabinetry
for flight simulators and custom conference tables
just to name a few.
The creativity of our kitchen designers is not limited to only what our cabinet companies can supply.  Many of our kitchens include custom pieces we have created and finished to match the cabinetry we order from our suppliers.These may be pieces that create a personal aesthetic or provide a special function and better use of the space.  In either case, having this ability is something we take full advantage of.
We have fabricated laminate countertops in our shop for almost 50 years and have sold and fabricated Corian Solid Surface countertops since the material was first introduced over 30 years ago. Completing this work in house not only assures the high quality and attention to detail Custom Craft is known for, it also generally equates to shorter lead times and therefore gets your project completed sooner.
"Custom", it's in our name for a reason.
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Custom Cabinet Shop
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